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  • Use a squeegee on the glass after each use to keep the glass free of water spots and build up. 
  • You can use CRL TPC Surface Protector to help repel water off the glass, but it is not intended to replace the use of a squeegee.
  • Only use cleaning products recommended for glass.  Read all manufacturer's labels before using on your shower glass. 
  • For ShowerGuard Glass refer to care instructions provided at time of install or you can refer to their website for care & cleaning instructions. 
  • Wipe hardware dry with a soft cloth after each use or clean weekly with a mild soap and water solution.  Mix a couple of drops of mild liquid soap, such as Ivory or similar product, into a cup of warm water. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth, proceed to clean the hardware. After you’ve cleaned the hardware, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water and dry.     
  • All our hardware is provided by C.R.Laurence and you can find all this information directly on their web site at crlaurence.com.
  • Do NOT use any abrasive cleaners or powders, scouring pads, sharp instruments or acid-based cleaners on your glass or hardware.